Sonialvision G4

March 1, 2013
Duisburg, Germany

“Best-in Class” Digital Multipurpose R/F system
Maximum range of examinations

Shimadzu will release its latest product, the Sonialvision G4 R/F system, during the ECR 2013 event in Vienna, Austria. In both functionality and operability, the Sonialvision G4 universal R/F table outperforms other R/F systems.

Equipped with the largest available FPD at 43 x 43 cm and Shimadzu’s next generation digital imaging platform, the Sonialvision G4 covers the widest possible range of examinations, providing inter-departmental hospital capability.

The premium application software offers the most recent improvements for diagnostic imaging. It supports useful applications, such as tomosynthesis for general radiographic imaging. The tomosynthesis function has also been highly acclaimed in the orthopedic field. Medical staff is very interested in the further reduction of peripheral metal artifacts in tomosynthesis total hip arthroplasty (THA) and total knee arthroplasty (TKA) images.

The Slot Radiography application software supports long-length imaging, like full leg and spine examinations.

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