Trinias unity smart edition (C16/C12/F12)

The concept of Trinias series unity edition

unity: unlimited intelligent technology

  • Personalize your experience for ultimate flexibility
  • Limitless Potential for Efficient Workflow
  • Intelligent design for intelligent care

Trinias systems for interventional angiography

Intelligent design delivers reliable workspace

Trinias has designed in smart form with pleasant colors such as light-green and white. This intelligent design inspires both patients and clinical users with confidence and relax.


During the procedure, imaging operations such as selecting acquisition modes, and switching reference images and display layouts are integrated into the intuitive and customizable touch panel console. Three layouts of the touch panel console are available. The size and the number of displayed icons as well as their order are customizable, enhancing crossover usage for different clinical background users.


SCORE PRO Advance provides high-quality radiographic and fluoroscopic images with less motion-artifacts and a lower dose. Above all, the new motion-tracking noise reduction technology minimizes noise and allows sufficient visibility of the tip of the guide wire and catheter.

Real-time artifact optimization technique, "Flex-APS„

This real-time artifact optimization technique is an automatic offset function for improving misregistrations of DSA. Flex-APS automatically detects and optimizes the sectional pixel movement gap between MASK image and each frame image regardless of ROI’s movement direction such as twisting.

Real-time whole peripheral observation, "SCORE Chase„

SCORE Chase is for real-time whole peripheral observation. The long-view whole peripheral image is stitched and displayed automatically without time lag. This application is available for SCORE RSM or Digital Acquisition mode.

"SCORE StentView" displaying stents moving with heartbeat in a fixed position in real-time

SCORE StentView is a software developed specifically to support PCI procedures based on real-time image processing technology, a specialty of Shimadzu. Stents move with the pulse beat. However, SCORE StentView displays stents in a fixed position, not through post-processing but rather in real-time.

This is particularly effective for assessing positional relationships between overlapping stents, or when re-expanding a stent using a balloon.

As a key feature, a function for specifying the region of interest (ROI) is available. It allows multiple markers to be used for automatic detection, rather than two markers as in previous versions, contributing to higher detection efficiency and shorter examination times.

“SCORE StentShot” delivering High-Definition Stent Enhancement image

By emphasizing the stent and reducing image noise drastically, it improves stent visibility without increasing X-ray dose further.