RADspeed Pro MC

Ceiling-mounted radiographic system

A ceiling-suspended X-ray tube system with a wide range of movement allows excellent imaging, flexible choice of techniques and easy access to the patient. This enhanced flexibility is ideal for imaging centres that demand high productivity to meet fast patient throughput.

Superior generator with high-frequency inverter technology

Shimadzu's general radiographic system is equipped with an advanced generator high-frequency inverter technology. The 50 kHz high-frequency generator consistently produces sharp and crisp images, an achievement attributable to the advanced generator's higher quality X-ray output with a very small kV ripple and highly accurate timer control. These characteristics, inherent in a high-frequency generator, reduce the radiation dose to patients by eliminating lower energy X-rays (soft X-rays), making it superior to and safer than other types of generators, e.g. twelve-pulse generators. Shimadzu generators feature an operator-friendly function called Sequential Multi-directional Radiography which allows a radiographer to enter and utilize up to 7 sequential preset parameters in memory. The intelligent system automatically steps to the next preset exposure factor at the end of every exposure. This unique function is an additional Shimadzu innovation that enhances productivity and user-friendliness.

Synchronized vertical movements of X-ray tube unit and bucky table

The focal point of the X-ray tube unit moves up and down in conjunction with the vertical positioning of the X-ray bucky table and X-ray bucky stand. This allows the operator to attend to the patient in a standing position while positioning the equipment. For a table study, the X-ray tube automatically moves to a preset SID, enabling accurate and fast positioning.

Long vertical travel and smooth operability

The long vertical travel range (1,600 mm) provides sufficient SID (Source Image Distance) for images of patients in the supine position as well as for low position images when the examined person is standing.

Heavy-duty height-adjustable Bucky table with 4-way floating table top

The new Bucky table BK-120MK can easily lift up to 200 kg. Patient positioning is made easier with the extremely smooth-moving table top. The unit's minimum height of 535 mm makes it easy for old and young patients alike to get on and off the examination table. The BK-120MK includes a Bucky device with a cassette tray and grid. The fixed height table configuration BK-12HK is available as well.