DR + Fluoroscopy: 2-in-1-System

High dynamic. Full flexibility. One solution.


Fits all your needs with a 17"×17" dynamic wireless FPD
The FLEXAVISION F4 is the latest model in our FLEXAVISION series and is equipped with a wireless dynamic flat panel detector (FPD) providing a large 17 x 17” field of view, and both fluoroscopic and radiographic applications. The system supports a wide range of examinations, from barium enema to gastrointestinal, non-vascular interventional radiology procedures, DIP and other urinary tract contrast media acquisitions. General radiographic examinations of thorax, pelvic region, and extremities as well as in the realm of orthopedic surgery can also be performed easily.


Maximum flexibility in system configuration

The FLEXAVISION F4 has a modular structure, and numerous functions allow a tailor-made system solution to meet the needs of your examination room.


Budget-oriented system solution with one dynamic detector.

Thanks to its flexible configuration options, the digital FLEXAVISION F4 serves individual clinical requirements - it can easily be configured from a standard R/F table into a multifunctional R/F examination room.

An elevating table function, an oblique projection unit, an X-ray tube swing-out unit or X-ray tube rotation unit combined with bucky wall stand and a ceiling-mounted second tube arm are valuable configuration options.


Radiography with bucky stand

Emergency examination without patient transfer





System expansion with a second detector

The system can easily be equipped with an additional detector in order to optimize the workflow for series of examinations at the wall stand, lateral exposures on the X-ray table and for free exposures on or next to the X-ray table.

FLEXAVISION F4 is your partner for clinical applications

Wide range of clinical applications

Oblique projection unit for abdominal examinations
The 600 kHU high-capacity X-ray tube and the ability to switch from fluoroscopy to radiography in only 0.9 s ensures stress-free exams. The oblique projection function facilitates abdominal examinations with different angle settings.


Swallow examinations
The tube column can be extended to a focus-detector distance of 150 cm and offers sufficient space and prevents the patient from feeling constricted. Positioning the column close to the patient is possible via the control panel on the collimator, which ensures a smooth examination process.



Endoscopic studies
The high-definition fluoroscopy mode with 1×1-pixel output enables an even more detailed observation of small devices, such as a catheter tip or a stent.


DSA examinations
The DSA option with up to 15 fps supports, among other things, dialysis shunt angiography with a high frame rate. A roadmap function is also available.


Large imaging area

The dynamic FPD offers a large field of view of 17 × 17” and has a high sensitivity, providing an excellent image quality for fast and reliable diagnoses. This increases examination efficiency and provides relief for patients and healthcare workers.







For patient and healthcare worker safety

FLEXAVISION F4 offers a wide variety of solutions that contribute to efficient workflows and patient and healthcare worker safety.


The X-ray table offers patient comfort and safety, such as a soft start/stop function. To facilitate getting on and off in a vertical position, the footrest can be lowered to a step height of 10 cm. Additional sensors on the edge of the table prevent pinching.


Low-dose control

Various functions for reducing and controlling the radiation exposure make the examinations more gentle - for the patients as well as for the medical staff.

Pulsed fluoroscopy at 2 fps and intelligent hardening filters (beam hardening filters), an anti-scatter grid that can be removed in any position, and virtual collimation can be used to minimize the X-ray dose.



Comprehensive dose management

The measured values of the dose area product are displayed on the monitor and serve as a reference during the examination. All exam-related dose values are managed as DICOM information. In addition to storing the dose values in the DICOM header, dose management systems are also supported using DICOM RDSR.

All functions in a space-saving, compact format

The FLEXAVISION F4 has a very compact and space-saving design. The system is easily accessible from all sides and offers optimal working conditions for efficient examinations and convenient operation.

The product design may be partially changed without notice.

The product page describes options that are not included in the standard configuration.

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