MobileArt Eco

Manually driven mobile X-ray system

The MobileArt Eco manually driven mobile X-ray system provides high-quality X-ray images, particularly in limited spaces. Its telescopic arm carrying the X-ray tube minimizes the need to continually relocate the main unit.

  • Well-balanced body
    enables easy movement and positioning at bedside
  • High-quality imaging
    through a 60 kHz inverter providing consistent exposure output for shorter exposure times
  • Expandability
    based on additional options enhancing the operability of the system
  • User-friendly
    supported by customer-driven design adding comfort and safety during bedside operation

»All Free« ” lock control buttons

This function adjusts focus-film distance, tube rotation, extension and rotation of the telescopic arm.

Wide coverage area

The telescopic arm has a wide stroke to cover a large imaging area and allows flexible bedside positioning.