ECR 2021 Virtual Exhibition

Lab and imaging technologies: joint forces provide deeper insights



Shimadzu will show its latest cutting-edge product and clinical applications during the virtual exhibition at the ECR 2021 – from March 3 - 10, 2021.


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Pioneering Partnerships for Advanced Healthcare

Diagnostic imaging meets analytical instrumentation: Shimadzu again underlines its pioneering role in medical technology through groundbreaking new diagnostic and analytical procedures for the future. The merger of cutting-edge technologies and methods provides new clinical support and possibilities for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.

Latest advanced clinical application solution:


Trinias unity edition – shorter treatment times and less contrast media used

The Trinias unity edition supports less invasive treatments through a variety of applications. It is the next generation of the Trinias angiography system, which facilitates high-level interventions using a proprietary image processing technology.


Sonialvision G4 LX edition – multifunctional R/F system with new functions

provides innovations in all areas, such as patient handling and care, dose reduction and image quality, as well as more simplified workflows. Advanced technologies ensure that current and future imaging needs are realized with Slot radiography, Tomosynthesis and DSA & RSM-DSA.


FLUOROspeed X1 edition – universal R/F system with patient-side operation

The system is designed to consider all users in a diversity of situation, making it ideal for a variety of examinations. State-of-the-art digital imaging provides excellent image quality while optimized X-ray dose level.


RADspeed Pro DR – High-performance digital radiographic system with extended functionality

The system adds numerous functionalities to support diagnostics in clinical applications, such as orthopedic surgery, and general radiography for many different parts of the body. RADsped Pro DR can be flexible configured from a basic floor mounted system to a sophisticated, fully automatic system with cutting-edge technologies.


Opescope Acteno – Surgical C-arm with amazing operability and excellent image quality

Free and easy positioning achieves optimal performance to meet the demands of the modern procedure room. The total system pursues high image quality and ease of use while reducing radiation dose to patients and staff.


MobileDaRt Evolution MX8 series – State-of-the-art and agile

The digital X-ray system from Shimadzu has been further enhanced in order to support users with innovations, further optimize workflows, and ease stress and strain for staff and patients. The clever system concept offers new features in mobility, functionality and digital imaging.


LIGHTVISION – High-definition near-infrared fluorescence imaging system

Shimadzu’s LIGHTVISION system provides unprecedented clinical value by easily visualizing lymph and blood flow during surgery.

Equipped with high-definition sensors, the LIGHTVISION displays detailed high-resolution images, which are especially useful for procedures requiring confirmation of blood flow through small blood vessels, such as in surgical flaps.

Due to the large field-of-view, an image of a broad area, such as the abdomen, can be displayed on one screen, providing a quick overview when assessing blood flow through vessels in an abdominal flap or the gastric tube. Furthermore, the colors displayed in fluorescence images can be changed, which is especially helpful for identifying sentinel lymph nodes. Consequently, clinical applications of LIGHTVISION are expanding into a wide variety of surgical procedures.


MALDI-8020 – A true multi-user high-performance MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer

The MALDI-8020 is a benchtop, linear MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer which combines speed, accuracy, and performance. This meets the needs of laboratories focusing QA/QC of peptides and forensic applications, microbiology, and MW confirmation.


LIGHTNIRS – new generation optical brain function imaging*

Applies near-infrared light, which diffuses easily through biological tissue and measures localized blood oxygenation levels of the brain to monitor where activity occurs in response to a stimulus. The portability of LIGHTNIRS allows visualizing brain function activity in real-time in a more natural state than other methods. Consequently, it is being used in a wide range of applications including medical research, developmental psychology, education, cognitive science and engineering.


From the early beginnings of the company having recorded the first Xray images in Japan in 1896, Shimadzu has introduced many industry firsts which meanwhile have become standard in today’s clinical applications. Shimadzu develops, manufactures and distributes diagnostic imaging systems for a wide range of clinical use, such as digital angiography systems, cardiac catheter laboratories, fluoroscopy, radiography mobile X-ray systems and mobile surgical C-arms.

These technologies improve the medical treatment of patients and their comfort and well-being while accelerating the clinical workflow and supporting processes as well as medical staff through easy and safe operability. Learn more about our state-of-the-art X-ray systems and our analytic instrumentation solutions on:

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures