Mobile C-arm imaging systemOPESCOPE ACTENO FD typeBrand-new C-arm - Easy to Operate and Providing Excellent Image Quality


Easy and Smart Operability 

The ease of use and functionality of the ACTENO FD stand out, making it the perfect tool for examiners and operating room (OR) staff alike and providing an important support in clinical workflows.

Manually operated C-arm with electromagnetic locks for every direction

The C-arm can be moved without releasing a lever lock. It is locked and unlocked by pressing a button for electromagnetic release of the desired direction. On each side of the C-arm there are colour-coded buttons to match the direction of movement for intuitive operation. The balanced counterweight system ensures precise manual operation of the C-arm, including vertical movement.

The doctor's handle allows direct release and positioning of the C-arm

The position of the fluoroscopic image can be easily adjusted by the doctor. The doctor's handle enables the doctor to conveniently position the C-arm and switch the laser pointer on and off to ensure a speedy procedure of the surgery.

Compact Design for Easy & Safe Mobility

The compact, carefully designed C-arm unit with ideal centre of gravity offers excellent mobility and is surprisingly easy and smooth to move. The ACTENO FD provides a comfortable operating environment making efficient use of the limited space around the operating area.


Less interference with the operating table

Thanks to the T chassis, the short distance between front wheel and system allows for easy access of the C-arm unit to the operating table. Free positioning is possible without difficulty as the front wheel cover and the C-arm cannot interfere with each other.

Large double wheels for easy moving and positioning

The operator can easily change the direction of the C-arm unit as each wheel rotates independently.

Round shape for easy driving

The slightly rounded back panel of the Opescope Acteno FD offers sufficient legroom to comfortably move the unit.

Compact X-ray tube facilitates flexible positioning

The X-ray tube has a compact design and allows the operator to perform difficult positioning tasks, such as positioning of the hip joint axis.

No cables on the C-arm for easy cleaning

All cables of the C-arm are integrated so that the surfaces are easy to wipe and clean. This reduces the time needed to clean up the system after surgery.

Dual monitor with height adjustment and clone function

For maximum flexibility, the height of the dual monitor can be adjusted to provide a perfect viewing angle. Thanks to the clone function, both examiners and surgical assistants can view their screen.  After surgery, the monitors can be folded for compact storage.

Low Dose x High Image Quality Real-time Image Processing Technology SCORE PRO Advance

The ACTENO FD is equipped with SCORE PRO Advance real-time image processing technology, developed for our leading angiography and R/F systems. This technology provides high quality images at low-dose for optimum representation of any body part and procedure.


Motion tracking noise reduction

Block matching between frames and recursive processing of the best matching blocks reduces noise efficiently and without delay. This technology reduces the dose and achieves fluoroscopic sequences of highest quality. The result is an improved representation of the devices with lower noise.

Line detected edge enhancement

SCORE PRO Advance only enhances the line structure of the target object without increasing background noise. It minimizes artefacts that normally occur in parametric rectification of multiple images, allowing for a more natural and intense edge enhancement. It only highlights the target object, such as a spinous process or needle tip, that the doctor wants to examine. Pressing the switch immediately displays a fluoroscopic image on the monitor.

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Click to enlarge the image.

Auto & pinpoint brightness control

Auto brightness control

The brightness of a fluoroscopic image is analysed in real-time, and X-ray conditions are automatically adjusted in the ROI to always maintain optimal brightness. 

Pinpoint brightness control (option)

Touch Focus controls the brightness for each selected area on the integrated monitor on the trolley and optimizes metal reflections in the field of view, for example from operating table rails or implants.


High-resolution FPD 

The compact, high-resolution 20 cm (8") detector provides distortion-free and clear images. Furthermore, a fiber-based grid is used to achieve a lower dose and improved image quality.

Boost pulse mode

Pulsed X-rays are radiated at high power to obtain high contrast images while minimizing the dose. Clear images can even be achieved with larger body parts, such as the lateral lumbar spine.

Dose Reduction Techniques and Technologies

The combination of SCORE PRO Advance, which achieves afterimage-free fluoroscopy, and pulsed fluoroscopy at up to 15 frames per second effectively reduces exposure while controlling motion artefacts. ACTENO FD supports low-dose operation with dedicated dose reduction technology.



Real-time DSA (option)

For vascular examinations or dialysis shunt radiography, the fast real-time DSA (digital subtraction angiography) capacity of 7.5 fps max. can be expanded even further.

Misregistration-free RSM filter processing

When there are misregistrations due to body movement during contrast imaging, RSM-DSA processing produces images that are unaffected by the movements. It is also effective for tracking and viewing the contrast medium flowing in the blood vessels.

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Normal DSA

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Misregistration image

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RSM filter processing

Swallowing Examination (Video fluoroscopy)

If you want to perform video fluoroscopy (VF) but there is no space for the R/F table, we suggest ACTENO FD type. 


Long cable foot switch (option) 

X-ray imaging can be performed from outside the operating room. 

Communication Support Functions for the Doctor, the Operator and the Operating Room Staff

The touch panel of the C-arm unit can display the fluoroscopy image, which helps the operator in case the monitor is difficult to see (option)

The operator can sometimes barely see the image on the monitor as it faces the doctor. ACTENO FD can display a fluoroscopic image on the touch panel in front of the operator. This contributes to smooth communication between doctor and operator.

Fluoroscopy image clone function (option)

The monitor angle is easy to adjust and the fluoroscopic image can be displayed on the reference monitor. This improves communication between doctor and staff.


Image output function to an external device (option)

The function can output images to an external device, e.g. a ceiling-support monitor in the operating room. 

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