Celebrating the 60th anniversary of remote-controlled fluoroscopy systems

In 1961, Shimadzu introduced the world's first remote R/F (Radiography and Fluoroscopy) system and installed it at the Osaka Prefectural Lifestyle Diseases Center (currently known as “Osaka International Cancer Institute”). Until then, all R/F systems were operated at the patient side, therefore the radiation dose was a major issue to the operators. It was solved by developing a remote R/F system which reduced the X-ray exposure of medical staff to basically zero. In this regard, it changed the world of fluoroscopy exams completely, and “remote R/F system” became the golden standard R/F solution today in most countries throughout the world.

2021 marks the 60th anniversary of the remote-controlled fluoroscopy table system.

Shimadzu has continuously worked on developments to further reduce the radiation dose for patients as well and introduced many innovative technologies: in 1992, X-ray images were digitalized and the radiation dose was significantly reduced compared to film radiography. In 2004, the world's first R/F system with tomosynthesis was released, performing digital multi-slice tomography at a lower dose than CT scanners.

In 2019, the new image processing technology “SCORE PRO Advance” succeeded in achieving both thorough dose reduction and sharp fluoroscopic images. As a remote R/F pioneer and proven by the latest premium multi-functional R/F system SONIALVISION G4 LX edition, Shimadzu will continue its efforts to contribute to healthcare and supporting patients all around the world, providing cutting-edge technologies and premium-quality products.

Milestones of Shimadzu X-ray and remote R/F systems


The latest model:
Sonialvision G4 LX edition

is a premium R/F system with outstanding functionality and quality for a wide range of examinations. As a universal system, it meets the individual and high requirements of imaging departments and institutes.

Tomosynthesis – digital multi-slice tomography

Multiple slice images can be reconstructed from only a single tomographic scan motion, requiring less time and a lower X-ray dose than CT scanners. It also minimizes metal artifacts and can be performed at any tilted table position which enables weight-loaded diagnosis, therefore tomosynthesis is greatly appreciated in orthopedics.



SCORE PRO Advance - premium imaging 

SCORE PRO Advance reduces background noise in real-time to emphasize only the target object. It offers the balanced optimization of fluoroscopic image quality and X-ray dose reduction. It greatly reduces the fluoroscopic dose in ERCP or barium swallow that typically requires long fluoroscopy.