MobileArt Evolution MX7

Most-modern mobile X-ray system provides superb image quality and easy handling

The 32 kW premium version of the new MobileArt Evolution MX7 series provides outstanding image quality, high functionalities and a multitude of applications, even covering interdisciplinary tasks.
The system provides powerful support in medical facilities thanks to easy positioning in restrictive locations, and outstanding operability allowing intuitive movement of the unit by the operator.

  • Brilliant image quality
    based on the advanced dual focal spot size X-ray tube with an anode heat storage capacity of 300 kHU
  • Outstanding operability and efficient workflow
    reliable functionality delivers superb performance
  • Extra convenience
    letting operators benefit from new smart functionalities
  • Low X-ray exposure dose
    enhancing patient care

“All Free” buttons

The collimator-mounted “All Free” buttons release all electromagnetic locks on arm rotation, arm extension, and vertical movement of the X-ray tube. An “All Free” button is also located on the arm to allow column side positioning.

Wide imaging range

The MobileArt Evolution MX7 has a long stroke on its ultra-long arm (up to 1,200 mm), making even the most difficult imaging situations accessible. The cross-arm is freely rotatable 270° in either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. There is no need to reposition the unit in narrow spaces.

“Inch-mover” buttons

By pressing the “Inch-mover” buttons on the front of the collimator the unit can be easily moved for final positioning at the bedside. As a safety measure, any force applied to the drive handle during “Inch-mover” operations stops the movement of the unit. In addition, an interlock prevents X-ray irradiation while the MobileArt Evolution MX7 is in motion.

Natural, light-touch driving

Just by light pressure applied to the handle, the unit moves in a natural manner like an extension of one's hand. The system maneuvers easily even through tight spaces in the patient room.

New energy saving collimator with a bright irradiation field

LEDs have been adopted to the light source to indicate the irradiation field. This reduces power consumption while improving brightness and durability.

Keyless access

Setting passwords for each operator allows them to use the system without a key and protects the system against unauthorized use or even misuse.